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Hotel Booking Engine

The p3 hotel booking engine offers the opportunity to reduce your transaction fees and drive move direct bookings!

-Fixed cost per booking with quarterly invoicing.
-Integration with your PMS (Opera and Hotsoft)

Would you like to reduce the time and costs associated with 3rd party website management… and give your customers real time availability?

Switching to p3 Hotels will drive more direct bookings for your hotel!

Switch to p3 and See the Results!

Over 10X return on investment


20% higher conversion rates than your current booking engine


 30-50% cheaper cost per conversion than other booking engine providers

Product Features and Benefits

Fixed cost per booking

No commission, fixed cost. License fee option also available.


Complete flexibility for you to add in rates, room types and extras

user friendly

A userfriendly system which saves you time when updating your rates online


Simplify your booking process for your customers and drive your online business

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