Terms of use

Terms & Conditions of the use of the booking facilties as supplied by p3

The purchaser agrees to use the facilities provided by Pekaar Technology trading as p3 to enable them to book accommodation with the particular Accommodation Provider described in the reservation process.

Before using these services please read the terms and conditions as set out below. By proceeding with the reservation, you are accepting the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions relate to this current reservation. Any subsequent purchases using p3 services will be governed by particular terms and conditions of that purchase.

The parties covered in these terms and conditions are the purchaser using the p3 service to book accommodation as presented in this reservation process and p3, the provider of such services.

Terms & Conditions of this purchase using services provided by p3

  • Purchases made through this service are based on the accuracy and fidelity of information supplied by the Accommodation Provider. Any subsequent claims against what is provided by the Accommodation Provider cannot be brought against p3 but must be made to the Accommodation Providers booked using these facilities.
  • These terms and conditions refer to the booking service and are not the terms and conditions of the Accommodation Provider or of the accommodation booked. As a result any claims regarding the booking must be addressed to the parties of that booking. Any claim in relation to the booking service involves the parties of this service, namely the purchaser using the p3 service and p3.
  • When the booking process is not properly or legally completed by the purchaser, p3 reserve the right to terminate the reservation.
  • The laws of the Republic of Ireland shall govern the provision of these facilities and services by p3.
  • In the case of liability to the purchases, in all circumstances claims shall be limited to the lesser amount of:
    • The amount paid by the purchaser for the booking only


    • €500
  • Any complaint regarding the services provided by p3 should be made by email to info@p3.ie
  • p3 have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the security of this transaction but cannot be held responsible for misuse of the users of our services
  • The terms and conditions of this transaction do not guarantee the continuous provision of access to this service.
  • The terms and conditions of the cancellation policy are not the remit of p3. The parties involved are the purchases and the Accommodation Provider. p3 is not responsible for the accuracy of the cancellation policy displayed during the reservation process, provided by the Accommodation Provider.
  • The content and data of this reservation system are the Intellectual Property of p3. At no time can the purchaser copy, modify, licence or sell any part of the software products or services without the written consent of p3.
  • Terms and conditions may be updated at any time by p3. Terms and conditions updates will be promulgated 10 days after appearing on the p3 website.
  • Severability: If any of the terms and conditions cannot be enforced then this contract is null and void and will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.
  • In the case of Force Majeure claims made by the purchasers are not liable by p3.

Privacy Policy

The data given by the purchaser in the reservation process can be used to contact the purchaser in the event of problems with the services provided. All information provided will be kept safe between p3 and the Accommodation Provider and will not be given to third parties

The use of Cookies

P3 only stores information which is pertinent to booking a hotel room. The information stored by our cookies engine are as follows;

  • Your Arrival Date
  • Number of nights you have requested to stay
  • The number of rooms you wish to book
  • The number of adults you wish to book
  • The number of children you wish to book
  • The promotional code (if supplied)

This information is recorded in a session for a temporary period and is used to enable the booking process to work more smoothly. It is not used for future marketing purposes or disclosed to any third party companies.

P3 also uses Google Analytics to track visitor numbers and eCommerce conversion rate, this information is used solely for the purposes of P3 to better understand is website user ability and marketing effects.

What are Cookies

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