We recently launched a renewed booking system for The Europe Hotel & Resort. p3 Hotels and The Europe have been working together since 2013, and since last year we've been working on improving their online booking to offer the best front-end to their users.

Their renewed booking engine now offers a more seamless booking and shopping experience to their website visitors, and consequently drives more direct booking revenue to the hotel.

When online shoppers experience an engaging user experience throughout their shopping experience, they will trust on the website and therefore will be more willing to purchase. Taking the ecommerce practices into consideration, we designed a simpler, easier, and more user-friendly booking process. 

The Europe's brand and website identity is also reflected across all pages of their booking engine. We launched a customised booking system that best matches the hotel's identity, customer base, and product offering.

Below we show you the most relevant features included within the new booking engine. 

1) Hotel content

The hotel's content is integrated within the booking engine. Across all pages, users can click to check the hotel's location, gallery, information, features, and, most importantly, guest ratings, which has been proved as one of the key factors that influence travelers to book hotel rooms.

2) Room images

Images of the rooms are essential to help visitors to select their preferred accommodation and have an idea of what to expect in their stay. In this new booking engine, we keep The Europe's target customer in mind to show high quality and attractive pictures of the rooms.

3) No Availability calendar

A monthly calendar was embedded into the booking engine to help users know the dates that are not available in the month.

4) Alternative Property Search

To simplify the users' search, an alternative property search within the hotels of the Killarney Group is displayed in case there is no availability at The Europe's website.

5) Free Cancelation

The Free Cancelation feature is emphasized within the booking details to let guests know that they can cancel their reservation up to 48h in advance of arrival without penalty. This makes them feel more relaxed if they need to make any changes in the future.

6) Better use of adds-on

The additional services are displayed in a simpler and clearer way so users have a better idea of what the hotel is offering, and are more inclined to upgrade their stay.

7) Streamline Payment Page

In the final step of the booking journey, the layout is clean and simple with fewer guest information to help users conclude their booking with ease.


Are you ready to offer a customised, easy-to-use and intuitive booking journey to your website visitors? Contact us to see how your booking engine can best match your brand and website design and drive more direct booking revenue.