Simplify. Connect. Convert

At P3, our goal is to make the booking experience easier. We combine creativity and technology to empower hotels to better connect with their guests to increase direct bookings, conversion rate, and online revenue. Our solutions simplify the lives of your hotel staff, making processes easier and more efficient. Simplification leads to a better connection between your guests and your brand. The better your connection, the higher your conversion rate.

Our Solutions

Everything we do is focused on converting website visitors into guests directly through your hotel's brand website. Our goal is to provide you the right technologies to convert and retain your guests. Our portfolio includes custom booking engine, online check-in, metasearch, loyalty program, gift vouchers and CMS web design solutions. Our solutions are seamlessly integrated with Oracle Opera and offer a streamlined data flow to ensure ease of use for both customers and your hotel staff.

Want to Know More?

Find out how to implement ground-breaking technology solutions for your hotel to simplify the booking journey for your users and maximise your direct revenue. Click and download your online brochure.