Britannia Hotel Group

Britannia Hotel Group is a popular and traditional hotel brand in the United Kingdom. The group has 61 hotels across the island wherever the guests prefer: close to the airport, to the beach, or surrounded by stunning countryside. Britannia Hotel Group is well known for its high quality and affordable accommodations, which make the brand the first option when thinking of value for money.

The Challenge

The group first realised that they needed to simplify processes for their staff and for their guests, including software solutions that could match their recent renewed brand identity. Plus, security has always been one of the most important elements to ensure quality and confidence, so they were looking PCI-DSS level 1 compliant partners and that also believed that security is key. And finally, they needed to properly integrate their Oracle Opera system with their website and booking engine.

The Solution

After understanding Britannia’s requirements, customer base and past experiences, we refurbished their website  and designed a new booking engine to showcase their new brand identity and to simplify their processes. User experience design and site speed optimisation were key elements to enhance their online presence on search engines and to make the booking journey simpler and more attractive for their guests. Due to our PCI-DSS level 1 compliance and our extensive knowledge in Oracle Opera, p3 Hotels and Britannia Hotel Group became great partners.

The Results

The group has now an integrated platform between their website, booking engine and Oracle Opera system. All these simple and innovative technology solutions were built and went live in 9 months – agile, fast responsive development. The guests that book directly on their website now encounter a quick and easy booking journey designed to provide the best value for them. Britannia Hotel Group have seen an increase of 10% in website visitors, 26% in conversion rate and 47% in online revenue in two years, from 2016 to 2018.

The Products

Booking Engine in unision with OWS

We increased direct bookings by designing a simpler, quicker and user-friendly booking journey that integrates seamlessly into their existing Opera Reservations system.


Reporting System

Our Reporting dashboard is integrated with Google Analytics API's, merging search analytics data with Hotel Revenue data. The dashboard is purpose built for Hoteliers to understand the ROI on each of their Marketing channels.


Hotel Loyalty Software

Our online loyalty program tracks and rewards customers with points when they book direct. This tool offers a real incentive to remain loyal to your brand.