Clayton Hotels

Comfortable and convenient stay across Ireland and UK

Clayton Hotels
 is a hotel brand part of the Dalata Hotel Group that offers a collection of 22 hotels in 12 cities across Ireland and the UK. The hotels are the perfect choice for leisure and corporate guests looking for comfort, convenience, great location, friendly staff and a range of facilities.

The Challenge

Their challenge was to increase the number of bookings through their brand website, consequently increasing conversion rate and online revenue. 

The hotel's marketing team was investing a considerable effort in digital campaigns, but weren't seeing their numbers grow. Therefore, they needed a new booking engine optimised to improve conversion rate to get a better value out of their existing traffic, thus a better return on investment of their marketing efforts.

The Solution

In 2015, p3 Hotels launched Clayton's new booking engine, fully responsive and customised to their branding, their target customer and their marketing goals. We designed a built a solution that is user-friendly and seamlessly drives website visitors to become guests.

It is also a simple and easy-to-use technology for their hotel staff, fully integrated with their PMS to retrieve real-time information about room availability, rates, reservations and guest profiles.

The Loyalty Program

Always looking for new strategies to increase direct bookings, in 2017 we integrated a loyalty program to Clayton's booking engine.

With the loyalty program, customers can get a discount on the room rates when booking directly on Clayton's brand website. 

Due to the success of the loyalty program for Clayton hotels, this functionality was further incorporated in all the hotels of the Dalata Group, empowering them to get more bookings through their brand websites.

The Results

After 12 successful months, the results were so impressive that we launched the booking engine for all Dalata Hotels brands, which includes Maldron Hotels, The Gibson Hotel, and The Ballsbridge Hotel.

We successfully integrated the hotels' booking engine with their Oracle Opera (OWS), resulting in customised and efficient booking solutions. All hotels experienced an increase in conversion rate and direct booking revenue.


The Products

Booking Engine

We provide a simple and customised booking engine that seamlessly drives your website's visitors throughout the booking journey, fully integrated with Oracle Opera (OWS).


Website Design

Your website is the first place for your guests to connect with your brand. We design and build engaging and fully responsive websites to grow your online presence.


Loyalty Software

Our online loyalty program tracks and rewards customers with points when they book direct. This tool offers a real incentive to your customers to remain loyal to your brand.