Movich Hotels

Luxury accommodations in Colombia

Movich is a Colombian hotel chain that operates 8 hotels across 6 cities in Colombia: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla and Cartagena. Recognised for its excellent service, Movich brand offers exclusive experiences and luxury accommodations for leisure and corporate guests. The infrastructure and gastronomy set Movich apart from other hotels in the country.

The Challenge

Movich Hotels needed to renovate their technologies to improve staff efficiency and guest experience, and maximise revenue. Firstly, they needed hotel technology partners that could provide an extensive knowledge and expertise with Oracle Opera, their Property Management System.

Secondly, Movich strategy to maximise direct booking revenue across all devices required a responsive website and online booking. And finally, a feature that could recognise the geographic location of the visitor should be introduced on the website, so the booking engine could tailor the product offering and payment system.

The Solution

Understanding Movich's requirements, the team at p3 hotels designed the best features to improve their brand website visibility and usability, and increase conversion rate.

We launched a fully customised and responsive website and booking engine that work perfectly with Oracle Opera, as well as a complete training of the system. In order to provide a local market recognition, we considered the geolocation functionality that tailors the website according to the geographic location of the user.

We also introduced multiple ways for visitors to pay in the booking process. This functionality allowed Movich to offer not only credit card payments, but also a bank transfer and an integration with visa check-out system.

The Results

Our first experience with an oversea client has been remarkable. In 2015, we launched Movich new responsive website and booking engine. And the results were amazing. In a few months, Movich experienced an increase of 50% in direct bookings. Their iPad bookings doubled in only two months. 

Here's what our customer has to say

Impressive Results

"The team at p3 really helped with our Opera integration. Their expert knowledge of OWS lead to a smooth switchover, and now we are seeing impressive results. iPad bookings have doubled in just 2 months" --- Laura Quintana, Vice President – Revenue, Movich Hotels

The Products

Booking Engine in Unison with Oracle Opera

We provide a simple and bespoke booking engine that smoothly drives your website's visitors throughout the booking journey, fully integrated with Oracle Opera systems (OWS).


Website Design

Your website is the first place for your guests to connect with your brand. We design and build beautiful, engaging and fully responsive websites customised to your hotel’s needs, identity and customer base.


Hotel Loyalty Software

Our online loyalty program tracks and rewards customers with points when they book direct. This tool offers a real incentive to remain loyal to your brand.