The Europe Hotel & Resort

The Europe Hotel & Resort is one of the most popular and aspirational five-star luxury hotel in Ireland. Beautifully located, it offers luxurious services, indoor and outdoor activities around their scenic surroundings, and elegant accommodations overlooking the famous Lakes of Killarney. It's the perfect stay for family and nature lovers.

The Challenge

In 2013, The Europe refurbished their hotel facilities and brand identity, offering new luxury experiences to their guests. However, this modernisation wasn’t properly contemplated on their digital platforms.

Consequently, they started to look for experts in the hotel technology industry that could provide them customised and responsive website design and booking engine.

They needed a more engaging and simpler booking journey that contemplates more functionalities, matches their brand identity and reaches their visitors' expectations of their stay.

The Solution

Since our first meeting with The Europe, we clearly understood that they needed a booking engine and a website consistent with their hotel experience, branded with their identity and customised to their needs and customer base.

Our goal was to improve the booking journey and to encourage guests to book direct. Therefore, we designed a simple, easy-to-use, and engaging booking engine that smoothly drives visitors to book their rooms. We could provide them with a customised software that works in unison with their PMS system, Oracle Opera.

The Results

The sophistication and high-quality accommodation of The Europe are now reflected on their website and throughout all pages of the booking journey.

Our simple, intuitive and appealing website design and booking engine converted more interested customers into satisfied guests. And the results are clear. Over five years, the hotel experienced
81% increase in website traffic
154% in conversion rate
627% in online revenue.

Here's what our customer has to say

"The team at p3 Hotels continue to help drive the bookings through our direct brand websites for The Europe, Ard Na Side and The Dunloe. Their digital experience and knowledge 0f Opera is a daily support for us in Killarney Hotels."
- Rachel Cliford, The Europe Hotel & Resort

The Products

Booking Engine in Unison with Oracle Opera

We provide a simple and bespoke booking engine that smoothly drives your website's visitors throughout the booking journey, fully integrated with Oracle Opera systems (OWS).


Website Design

Your website is the first place for your guests to connect with your brand. We design and build beautiful, engaging and fully responsive websites customised to your hotel’s needs, identity and customer base.


Hotel Loyalty Software

Our online loyalty program tracks and rewards customers with points when they book direct. This tool offers a real incentive to remain loyal to your brand.