Custom Booking Engine

A superior and high-quality booking engine that uplifts conversion rate.


custom booking engine

Customisation & Flexibility

Our booking engine is fully customised to each hotel's brand identity. The design of the booking engine fits seamlessly into the layout of our clients' websites.

We take the time to understand your business, your product offering and who your customers are. Having brand continuity from your website through to your booking engine helps to build greater confidence with your customers.

When it comes to selling your hotel's product online, you want to be able to add functionality and design elements specifically tailored to your brand. With P3’s experience in conversion rate optimisation and UX/UI design, the resulting partnership between us and our clients creates a high converting booking engine.

mobile booking engine

Designed for Mobile

Guests today are researching and booking on the go, and mobile is king. Our fully responsive booking engine is cleverly designed from a mobile-first perspective, to optimise usability on all devices.

Minimising input fields on mobile, and taking advantage of browser auto-fill functionality, means that users reach their destination in the fewest clicks possible. Integration to Google and Apple Pay allow users to pay swiftly and conveniently. And the all important download speeds are optimised for mobile, for a seamless experience.

It's the extra attention to detail that helps your guests move through the booking process with ease and speed, no matter where they are. Geolocation technology allows you to present guests with special rates based on their location.

ecommerce for hotels

User Experience

At P3, we embrace the practices of ecommerce to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly and appealing booking experience for your online customers. Our booking engine is designed and built around the user to lead them to the right direction - making a booking.

We place a huge emphasis on a great and engaging user experience so our booking engine produces a higher conversion rate. We have proved repeatedly that if the user journey is easy and simple, then a higher conversion rate can be achieved.

We know from experience that a good design yields a greater conversion rate. With an uplift in conversion rate, the compound effect will be a significant growth in your direct booking revenue.

oracle opera booking engine

Integration with Oracle Opera

We are Oracle Gold Partner. Our real-time integration with Oracle Opera makes the management of the booking engine easier and more efficient for your revenue and marketing teams.

- 3-way integration with Oracle Opera.
- When your next guest finishes the booking journey, the confirmation is sent automatically into Opera.
- Rates and room availability are sent up from Opera to the booking engine.
- Corporate profiles are linked between Opera and your website.

pci dss compliant

Fast and Secure Payment

P3 is fully PCI-DSS level 1 compliant. This gives you full peace of mind that all data is secure. Handling of sensitive data such as credit card details are done with the highest possible standards.

P3 is GDPR Compliant. We value and care about data safety and security for both our customers and their guests.

Online payments are protected with 3DSecure authentication, the payment industry's agreed solution to meet PSD2 requirements. It protects both your business and your customer against potential card payment fraud.

We integrate your booking engine securely with every major payment service, including Realex, sagePay, PayPal, Worldpay, 3CPayments, PXP and Stripe.

metasearch for hotels

Metasearch Connection

Our booking engine integrates with the world's largest Metasearch channels: Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago. We make sure that the pricing displayed in the Metasearch channels reflect the pricing offered in your booking engine.

The way in which travellers search for hotels today is changing fast. Everyday Google’s search engine is incorporating more features from its Hotel Ads engine into the organic search page.

Ensuring that your customers have visibility on your pricing and access to your own direct booking channel is crucial to increase direct bookings.

google analytics for hotels

Reporting Dashboard

P3 reporting dashboard helps you to analyse data and gain insights about your visitors. It shows your booking engine performance against all sources of traffic.

It’s the only reporting module integrated with Google Analytics. It enables you to analyse booking funnel conversion rate for each hotel within your property portfolio and by Google's acquisition channels.

Our booking engine is integrated with your Google Analytics / Adwords tracking code to ensure continuity of your conversion monitoring and shopper analysis. The tracking is customised to ensure a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, which can be given on each step of the booking process.

corporate booking tool hotels

Integrated Loyalty & Corporate

Our booking engine is integrated with our loyalty software. With Integrated Loyalty, you enable your customers to sign up to your loyalty program during the booking process and receive instant discounts on room rates.

Our corporate booking tool is an online portal where your corporate clients can login securely and book their negotiated rates.

Set up new clients quickly and efficiently. Your clients are ready to go within hours with their own personal negotiated rates. They can avail of multiple payment channels, including credit card, post or bill pay.

See for yourself how to uplift conversion rate with a customised booking engine.