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What is Metasearch?

Metasearch channels are like price comparison websites for hotels. Customers love them because they do the hard work, by searching across different websites and displaying prices for your hotel, from several different sources.

By using the p3 metasearch connector, your hotel website can also appear on these popular sites, encouraging customers to book direct, rather than via an OTA.

Why should you sign up to Metasearch?

Woman making hotel booking on ipad.

More Direct Bookings

Customers who book direct are the kind of customer that all hotels like best! That’s because they are the most profitable. P3 can deliver more of these kind of customers to your hotel, via metasearch.

Google hotel ads on iPad

Don’t lose to the OTA’s

If your website is not showing up on the top 3 metasearch sites, then you’re missing out on a new source of direct customers, because anyone who searches for your hotel on Trip Advisor, Google or Trivago will have to book via an OTA!

Build Your Online Presence!

Bookings that come directly via your website are the least costly and the most profitable - we can help you lower that commission bill.

If you want to sell more, learn more about your clients and save on distribution costs, Contact us now for a FREE “no obligation” consultation