vouvher software

Online Gift Vouchers

Our gift voucher application will create a new source of online revenue for your hotel. Our figures show that 20-30% of gift vouchers sold online are not redeemed within 12 months, good news for your cash flow.

Our gift voucher shop can be added to your current website at no cost to you, and offers a fully responsive and user-friendly front end shop for your customers. Use our back-end system to track voucher sales and redemptions and create products and categories.

Gift vouchers can boost your online sales by up to 50% around the Christmas period, and with our no-investment, commission based model, there’s no reason for you to be missing out on this extra source of revenue.

Features & Benefits

Responsive design which reflects your brand and integrates into your website.

PDF Vouchers delivered directly by email to your customers.

Manage and update your products and track redemptions and sales.

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