Our Partners

oracle gold partner

Oracle Opera Gold Partner

As Oracle Opera Gold Partner, we integrate our clients' technology with their Opera's Property Management System (PMS). 

Our extensive experience in working with OWS (Opera Web Services) Systems helps to ensure they get the best support on an ongoing basis for their booking solutions.

- Retrieve real-time information about room availability, rates, reservations and guest profiles.

- Add your guests' information automatically into your Oracle PMS right after they purchase a room.


Google Hotel Ads

We are a certified integrated partner with Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA). We connect your Oracle Opera system directly to Google HPA, ensuring that your brand website is visible and bookable directly from within Google search pages. 

Google HPA is fast becoming the leading Metasearch solution and is a must have for any hotel group looking to build their own brand website.


For-Sight CRM

We work closely with For-Sight Guest CRM. For-Sight ensures hotels, resorts, groups and management companies are using their guest data intelligently and communicating effectively.

In order to retain guests, drive direct bookings and increase revenue, For-Sight Guest CRM creates a single customer view which allows hotels to get closer to their guests. For-Sight offer GDPR compliance, state of the art technology and great customer service.