Online Check-out

A contactless online check-out to drive efficiency and minimise long checkout queues.


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Contact-free Check-out

The online check-out solution allows your guests to check-out in the comfort of their rooms using their own personal devices - laptop, tablet or mobile.

On the morning of departure, guests will receive a notification by SMS or email with a link to the online check-out process.

They can check the breakdown of their current bill and opt to receive an electronic invoice by email. They can pay their remaining balance by credit card and complete the room check-out, jumping the busy check-out queues.

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Drive Efficiency Into Operations

The online check-out drives efficiency into your operations by reducing the unwanted labor costs for manning the check-out desks.

Once guests complete their online check-out, it will automatically update the Opera PMS system to change the status of the room.

This update is automatically sent to the housekeeping staff to inform them which departure rooms are empty and ready for cleaning.

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Enhance Online Visibility

The online check-out system works not only with reservations made through your direct channel but also with your OTA and GDS channels.

All guests are now invited to interact with your brand website, giving you the opportunity to promote the values of your direct channel and encourage them to book directly in the future.

Hotels that have an enhanced digital platform enabling the customer to self-serve have greater customer loyalty.

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Provide Safety and Social Distancing

The online check-out will help your hotel to comply with post-COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

It allows guests to check-out online and it reduces further contact between guests and staff. It also minimises the long queues forming in hotel lobbies at peak check-out times.

By solely interacting with their own personal devices, guests won't need to touch credit card terminals and keypads at reception, so for hygiene, it is safer for both guests and hotel staff.

oracle validated integration opera

Oracle Validated Integration

P3 has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Expertise for the integration of its Online Check-in/Check-out software solution. Our technology integrates via the Kiosk and OPERA Web Services (OWS) Interfaces. The Online Check-out integration includes:

  • Retrieve bookings where the guest is currently in house.

  • Email or SMS (outside the core 'sleeping hours') the guest with a link to the brand website.

  • Retrieve the guest bill from OPERA and present a detailed breakdown of their charges and payments already made.

  • Request and receive payment from the guest for any outstanding charges.

  • Complete room check-out.

Introduce a Contactless Online Check-in/Check-out and drive operational efficiency.