Online Check-in

A contact-free check-in to boost revenue and minimise long check-in queues.


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Contactless Check-in

With the online check-in system, you offer a more personalised, convenient and quicker way for your guests to check-in. Send an email to all your upcoming guests 3 days prior to their arrival date, inviting them to complete their check-in online. Engage with them prior to their arrival and enhance the guest experience.

Guests can complete their check-in process using their own personal devices - laptop, tablet or mobile. It helps them to save time, bypass reception and avoid the usual check-in queues. 

The online check-in will help your hotel to comply with post-COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

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Boost Online Revenue

Encourage your guests to upgrade their stay and increase online revenue for your hotel. 

At the time of the booking, guests are usually not aware of their travel plans so far in advance.
With the online check-in, guests are more likely to add ancillary services to their booking closer to their arrival date. 

Room upgrades or ancillary add-ons are pulled directly from your Opera system, and when the guest adds it to their stay, it gets automatically added to their reservation in Opera. No need to worry about extra back office manual tasks.


Oracle Validated Integration

P3 has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Expertise for the integration of its Online Check-in/Check-out software solution. Our technology integrates via the Kiosk and OPERA Web Services (OWS) Interfaces. The Online Check-in integration includes:

  • All required guest data for check-in is captured before arriving at the hotel.

  • Digital signatures and passport ID's can be captured.

  • Guests have the option to upgrade their room based on OPERA's rom upsell functionality.

  • Guests get a quicker arrival experience with dedicated, queue-free check-in.

Integrated Payments

For us, security is key to keep your bookers confident throughout their purchase decision. Our payment processes are fully PCI-DSS compliant, giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

We integrate our online check-in securely with every major online payment service, including Realex, sagePay, WorldPay, PXP, PayPal, 3CP and Stripe.

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Improve Operations Efficiency

The online check-in drives efficiency into your operations and smooths out the workload for your reception staff. It makes processes easier and more efficient.

An online check-in integrated with your Opera system improves the throughput of your guests arriving and checking in at your hotel. It smooths out peak check-in periods, reducing the number of people standing and waiting in line.

Your staff can provide a richer welcome to your guests on arrival as the manual data input tasks have already been completed.

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Reinforce Your Brand Website

Our online check-in system works not only with reservations made through your direct channel but also with your OTA and GDS channels.

All guests are invited to interact with your brand website, giving you the opportunity to promote the values of your direct channel and encourage them to book directly in the future.

Hotels that have an enhanced digital platform enabling the customer to self-service have greater customer loyalty.

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Pre-arrival Email

The pre-arrival email allows you to engage with your guests prior to their arrival.

It can be sent up to 14 days in advance of check-in and would typically include relevant hotel information, car park and restaurant information. You can also include add-ons services available in your hotel that can be easily added to the guest reservation.

The pre-arrival email is sent to all upcoming existing reservations where an email address is present, including your OTA reservations.

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Provide Safety and Social Distancing

The online check-in will help your hotel to comply with post-COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

Once fully implemented, this technology can reduce check-in times by 70%, which reduces the number of people waiting in hotel lobbies.

Your guests will solely interact with their personal devices. They won't need to touch pens to sign registration forms or touch credit card terminal keypads when paying. It's safer for both guests and hotel staff from a hygiene point of view.

Introduce a Contactless Online Check-in/Check-out and drive operational efficiency.